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Veronica Escudero’s art is an expression of her soul. She feels that her work is divinely inspired by God. She refers to it as Contemporary Sacred Art because she maintains that the Holy Spirit (God) utilizes her creative talent to paint sacred, comical or political works of art.

She begins her creative process without perceiving what the outcome of her art will be. Only until her paintings have been half executed, is the image revealed. This inspirational method encompasses all of her paintings, with the exception of any paintings where Jesus was crucified.

The paintings depicting Jesus on the cross are partially preconceived. Escudero’s main concern as an artist, is to portray the sin that Jesus bore when he died for us. In order for our sins to have been forgiven, Jesus had to die on the cross. Consequently, Jesus became sin.

Jesus’ crucifixion is an extremely controversial issue. The artist considers any images concerned with this subject matter to be Sacred Art. For this reason she has separated Holy images depicting Jesus’ crucifixion and other sacred subject matter from the rest of her art work. Granted, it is all inspired by the Holy Spirit, but there will always be those precious paintings that will scream Holy Ground.

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